How Do I Fill Out the Property Inventory Forms? What if I Don’t Remember When I Bought Something?

Filling out the property inventory form is incredibly difficult, because most of us do not recall where we bought things, how much we paid for them, what year we purchased them. But it is also very important for the insurance company when they try to determine the value of the loss, so you have to be pretty accurate. If you don’t recall, tell the insurance company you don’t recall. If you don’t know how much you paid for something, tell the insurance company you don’t recall. They may ask you to go out and get replacement receipts. Those would be estimates for the replacement. You just have to let the insurance company know that you’re not sure. They may pressure you and ask you to put in name of stores if you don’t know, but you can’t do that because then they’ll came back to you after a later date if they decide they don’t want to pay the claim and say, “Ha-ha! You didn’t buy that at Walmart. You bought that at JC Penny. Therefore, you’re making a misrepresentation. ” So please be very honest on the inventory forms, and don’t give into pressure from an insurance company adjuster. Just put something down. If you’re guessing, tell them you’re guessing.