Frequently Asked Questions

    When Do I Need to Hire an Attorney or a Public Adjuster?

    A public adjuster is the numbers guy. The public adjuster is who figures out the value of the claim and assists you with preparing it and presenting it to the insurance company. If the insurance company starts to conduct an investigation - wants an examination under oath, wants recorded statements - that's when you need to go to an attorney who spe ... Read More.

    Why Do I Need an Attorney for a Fire Loss Claim?

    If an insurance company denies your claim and accuses you of arson or fraud or any misrepresentation with respect to the submission of the claim, you've got no choice. You have to file a lawsuit. You need an attorney to do that. You sue the insurance company for breach of the insurance contract, violations of the Michigan Trade Practices Act, and i ... Read More.

    Why Do I Need a Public Adjuster?

    A public insurance adjuster is going to advocate for you with respect to the numbers. They're also going to be able to put together and submit the claim on your behalf to the insurance company, knowing what coverages are available, and deal with the adjuster on a more professional level. They do not do the legal work. They do the presentation of th ... Read More.

    Why Should I Hire a Public Adjuster? Isn’t the Insurance Company Adjuster Going to Help Me?

    You may be inundated after your fire with cards from people known as public adjusters. The insurance company adjuster may dissuade you and tell you, "You don't need a public adjuster." You absolutely do. A public adjuster works for you, the insurance company adjuster works for the insurance company. ... Read More.

    How Do I Fill Out the Property Inventory Forms? What if I Don’t Remember When I Bought Something?

    Filling out the property inventory form is incredibly difficult, because most of us do not recall where we bought things, how much we paid for them, what year we purchased them. But it is also very important for the insurance company when they try to determine the value of the loss, so you have to be pretty accurate. If you don't recall, tell the i ... Read More.

    Why is Proof of Loss so Important? Does it have to be Filed in Time?

    Under the terms of most home owner insurance policies, the sworn statement and proof of loss is due within 60 days after the loss or 60 days after the insurance company asks for the claim. An insurance company can deny a claim and the insured will get absolutely nothing if the sworn statement and proof of loss is not filed in a timely fashion. It's ... Read More.